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Mark E. Shanoff
Ocoee Middle School
Orange County Public Schools
Ocoee, Florida
Throughout his six-year tenure as an administrator in Orange County, Ocoee Middle School principal Mark E. Shanoff has earned a reputation for exhibiting strong leader-ship on both local and state levels.  Boosting student achievement through multiple paths of remediation, creating community partnerships to help special needs students explore careers, and supporting staff capacity-building---which led to the lowest faculty turnover in the district---are accomplishments Shanoff brought to Ocoee Middle School in 2013.  Named an Apple Distinguished School in 2013 and earning an “A” grade from the Florida Department of Education for mul-tiple years, the 1,375-student grade six through eight Ocoee Middle School has long been a pioneer in the use of tablets, interactive whiteboards, teacher personal microphones and other technologies.  At Ocoee, Shanoff ’s vision includes a focus on rigorous experiences and operational synergy.  His enhancements to the school’s already-exemplary programs include increased Algebra I participation, additional honors sections in science and foreign languages, and new opportunities for teacher leadership.  Providing staff with experience in school management duties, such as state reporting and lesson plan reviews, Shanoff has also instituted increased collaborative planning time and development of common assessments.  As president of the Orange County Association of Administrators, Shanoff has also impacted regional and state policy.  In 2013, he testified before the Florida House, positively influ-encing middle school reform legislation and benefiting administrators statewide.  Shanoff ’s credentials include a B.A. in Elementary Education from Rollins College Winter Park, an M.S. in Education from Nova Southeastern University, an M.B.A. in Business Administration from the University of Florida, and an Ed.D.in Education from the University of Central Florida.