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Anna M. Sell
Ellendale Elementary School
Ellendale Public School District
Ellendale, North Dakota

Planning, transitioning, and implementing a Title I school-wide program with input from all stakeholders has been a primary accomplishment of Principal Anna M. Sell at Ellendale Elementary School. Becoming a Title I school has allowed the educator-community team to maximize a range of resources to help all students succeed at the highest levels and has been essential to the school’s RTI success. With Sell’s guidance and encouragement, the staff has worked closely as a team to implement, evaluate, improve, and refine an RTI system that consistently and quickly identifies struggling students using multiple sources of data. Sell has also instituted systems to identify and remediate student learning issues at an earlier age and implemented prekindergarten programs to bridge the learning gap from home to school. She also broadened the focus from struggling learners to all learners, and excelling students’ needs are met through partnerships with organizations such as the Northwestern University’s Midwest Academic Talent Search. Interventions and enrichment are also both offered through a 21st century after school program. Under Sell’s leadership, the 147-student, kindergarten through sixth grade school served as a state pilot for identifying SLD students using the RTI process. Sell rates shared decision-making and common high expectations as key success factors for Ellendale. “The collaboration, communication, and team work Sell has brought to Ellendale schools has transformed the district from a collection of individual islands to a unified nation where each is valued and all work together for the common good,” says a colleague. Sell holds a B.S. in Elementary Education from Minnesota State University and an M.S. in Education Leadership from North Dakota State University.