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Christopher B. Pearson
West View Elementary School
Burlington-Edison School District
Burlington, Washington

In just two years under the leadership of Principal Christopher B. Pearson, West View Elementary School has transitioned from a persistently low-performing school to a High Performing Priority School as designated by the Washington Education Association.  Maximizing the use of partnerships, Pearson not only facilitated double digit growth in student proficiency but also opened up new economic opportunities for migrant families and spearheaded an organization for high-level collegial mentoring.  With a school mission statement, “Cada Nino,” or “Each Child,” the Title I, prekindergarten through sixth grade school employs tiered interventions with both remediation and enrichment.  All students are required to learn a second language, main-tain a work portfolio, and take art classes.  In addition to doubling reading and math proficiency, growth in critical thinking under Pearson has leapt from 39 percent to 77 percent as observed by an education evaluation group.  Through the local Community Action Agency and area college partnerships, Pearson also offers evening ELL and GED classes for families and academic advising for parents who want to pursue post-secondary degrees.  Pearson has also reached out to colleagues by founding the Northwest Principal Leadership Collaborative, which offers mentorships, a summer institute, and monthly site visits throughout the year.  Pearson holds a B.A. in English from Pepperdine University, an M.A. in Education from American University, and an Administration Certificate from the University of Washington.