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Michael P. Oldenburg
Divine Redeemer Lutheran School
Council for American Private Education Organization
Hartland, Wisconsin

Leading a one-to-one technology initiative and creating a positive school climate that enriches the life of the community are among the accomplishments of Principal Michael P. Oldenburg at Divine Redeemer Lutheran School. With a goal to enhance the education of students through increased engagement and differentiation of learning, Oldenburg shared his vision for implementing technology with parents and community members and was able to raise donations to afford iPads for all students and interactive whiteboards for every classroom. Learners can view videos explaining material, go on virtual field trips, create presentations, and turn in assignments electronically. Lessons are more interactive and enjoyable, and teachers can use the iPads as personal response systems to poll students on their levels of understanding throughout a lesson, allowing them to review or revise focus “on the fly.” Under his leadership, teachers have embraced the technology use and excelled at using the iPads for instruction. Oldenburg has also created a positive school climate exuding a spirit of joy and acceptance. In the weeks before school starts, teachers make home visits, and at-school students are divided into “chapel families” who sit together in the chapel, have an annual picnic, engage in playtime, and complete four projects together over the course of a year. Recently, the 393-student, prekindergarten through eighth grade school began a program where children are placed into groups with older students for bi-weekly team building activities. The church and school’s executive pastor praises the principal’s committed staff, to which he attributes Oldenburg’s creative and exemplary leadership. Oldenburg holds a B.A., an M.A., and an M.Ed. from Concordia College.