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Stephanie A. Legard
Sue Buel Elementary School
McMinnville School District
McMinnville, Oregon

With a firm belief that teacher professional development practice has a significantly greater impact on student outcomes than demographics, Principal Stephanie A. Legard of Sue Buel Elementary School credits just that for the success of her 529, prekindergarten through fifth grade students. At Buel, 82 percent of students are eligible for free and reduced meals, and over forty percent are English language learners; however, student proficiency rates on state assessments remain as much as 30 percent higher than in comparable schools. As Buel’s instructional leader, Legard has focused on intensive, collaborative, sustained professional development through Power Strategies for Effective Teaching, which targets activating learning, engaging learners, and strengthening literacy; Common Formative Assessments/Data Teams for individualized instruction and intervention; and the Rigorous Curriculum Design framework which connects Common Core Standards to instruction and assessment. To meet the needs of ELL students, the school has also focused on the research-based GLAD and Constructing Meaning strategies to accelerate growth. Legard has also presented a Ready for Kindergarten program the last three years that provides child development instruction, coaching, and resources for parents of at-risk children from birth to age five. Reflecting their aggressive approach to staff development, Sue Buel received the ESEA waiver designation of Model School on the 2011-2012 and 2012-2013 Oregon’s Next Generation Accountability system as a high-poverty, high-achieving school. This has allowed them to mentor fourteen school districts in the state. “Stephanie’s leadership inspires, ennobles and empowers us all,” says her superintendent. Legard holds a B.S. and an M.A. in Teaching from Oregon State University and an Initial Administrator License from George Fox University.