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Beth B. Johnston
Endeavour Elementary School
Davis School District
Kaysville, Utah

Creating a new school from the ground up; closing achievement gaps for struggling students; and establishing meaningful relationships with all staff, students, and families are among Principal Beth B. Johnston’s most rewarding accomplishments at Endeavour Elementary School. Involved in everything from architectural and interior design decisions to training teachers on the new curriculum, behavior plans, and technology, Johnston’s focus on “doing a few great things extremely well” has paid off in academic excellence and stakeholder satisfaction. Setting up a multi-layered system of excellence, Johnston’s strategies for success include powerful instructional routines targeting below-proficient students through small-group first-semester interventions and bubble students the second semester. The effectiveness of this strategy is reflected in Endeavour earning ninety-eight out of one hundred growth points in struggling student proficiency, with overall proficiency on benchmark tests at 94 percent in core subjects and 100 percent on the fifth-grade district writing test. Establishing close relationships is the final “treasured tool” in Johnston’s leadership toolbox. Recognizing birthdays, celebrating classroom successes, personally greeting each child and adult, promptly answering emails, and integrating parents into all school activities have created high levels of trust and excellence; as a result, the school is ranked number one in the state in reading, math, science and writing---even while growing rapidly from four hundred students to nearly one thousand in three years. Johnston holds a B.S. from Utah State University and an M.A. in Education from Brigham Young University.