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Jessica J. Johnson
Dodgeland Elementary School
Dodgeland School District
Juneau, Wisconsin

During her five years as principal at Dodgeland Elementary School, Principal Jessica J. Johnson has expanded the use of technology, created opportunities for ongoing edu-cator learning, and modeled lifelong learning practices for colleagues.  When Johnson first arrived at Dodgeland Elementary six years ago, the school had a single computer lab and one computer for each teacher.  She has since transitioned the school into a one-to-one learning environment, piloting rich technology use with an iPad for each student and interactive whiteboards in every classroom.  As she learns about new technology tools, Johnson goes into class-rooms to try them out and model them for students.  With limited opportunities to connect with her colleagues for professional learning experiences throughout the small, rural-area school districts, Johnson created an elementary principals’ network that has grown to encompass seven districts.  Results of this have been a Regional Summer Teacher Academy, which has grown steadily in attendance each year, and a multi-district teacher professional development day each February.  Modeling ongoing learning through several means, Johnson maintains a blog that she ties to administrator standards and often circulates among staff as a way to share learning reflections.  Additional professional learning practices include visiting schools, attending and presenting at conferences, engag-ing in podcasts, and participating in and leading twitter chats.  Dodgeland’s district administrator says that by focusing on student learning, Johnson was able to transform the 355-student, prekindergarten through fifth grade school from a place with low morale and crippling negativity to a successful, collaborative learning environment.  Johnson holds a B.S. in from Bemidji State University and an M.A. in Education from Arizona State University.