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William K. Anton
The Dover School
Dover School District
East Dover, Vermont

“Elementary education is a team sport,” says Principal William K. Anton of Dover Elementary School. Through colleague capacity-building, a positive school climate, and consistently stepping up to try new things, Anton has created a vibrant, participatory school community with an entrepreneurial spirit. Distributed decision-making and a common understanding of school priorities are at the heart of professional development and instructional practices at Dover. Teachers are continuous learners who are coached and empowered by colleagues to have mastery, autonomy, and purpose as expert instructional designers. A school-wide system supporting targeted intervention employs Title I teachers, specialists, and volunteers to enhance differentiation and close the achievement gap. Parent information nights on technology usage, college planning, and homework help ensure that Dover is a source for practical information beyond classroom walls. Continually seeking to raise the bar on student achievement, Anton expanded Dover’s early childhood program to welcome three-year-olds and promoted second language learning through a hybrid of teacher and computer-based instruction. Recently, voters approved a $100,000, three-year plan for professional learning and instructional reform which is required for Dover to be the first International Baccalaureate primary school in Vermont. Student outcomes confirm the strength of Anton’s leadership with Dover consistently ranked as one or two in the state in math and English language arts. Anton holds a B.A. in Communications from the University of Iowa, a Teacher Certification in Elementary Education, and an M.A. in School Administration from the University of North Carolina.