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Duwayne F. Abe
Salt Lake Elementary School
South Central Oahu School District
Honolulu, Hawaii

With a motto of “Do whatever it takes for students,” Salt Lake Elementary School principal Duwayne P. Abe has created an organized, systematic culture that promotes success through alignment of scheduling, fiscal issues, facilities, communication, per-sonnel and instruction.  With collaboration paramount, teachers meet regularly to ensure instructional strategies are aligned with school activities and resources, anda Data Wall monitors the progress of each student.  Differentiated instruction comprises school-wide individual and small-group tutoring, interventions, and programs such as Junior Lego and Robotics.  Such student support is responsible for high test scores.  Parents become part of the culture of the 800-student, kindergarten through sixth grade school through regular newsletters, a Fun Run, a May Day Program, and an annual dinner and Principal Talk Story with an update on school data, academics, and more.  Partnerships with the Naval Reserve Center and a neighboring park enable daily tutoring and affordable facilities upgrades.  For teachers, Abe provides ongoing opportunities to help them meet goals through summer institutes, learning labs, consultant visits and curriculum coaches.  He also supports their efforts to obtain the highest professional certification recognized by the Hawaii DOE, the National Board Certification, with five currently on staff.  Citing Salt Lake’s participation as a pilot school for the Reinventing Education Act of 2008, State Senator Glenn Wakai says Abe has had a far-ranging impact and that, “Through his leadership, the state improved the manner in which it educates our children.”  Abe’s credentials include a B.A. in Education and an M.A. in Educational Leadership from the University of Hawaii.