Myra L. Misles-Krhin
Barlow Park Elementary School
Ripon Area School District
Ripon, Wisconsin

Myra Misles-Krhin had a major hand in creating the school she now heads. She worked with staff members to design classrooms and common areas, selected exterior and interior surfaces and furnishings, and ensured that classroom and school program items were running within the budget. She also was charged with closing three other primary school buildings, moving materials to the new facility, and opening the new school, Barlow Park Elementary School. That’s not the only large-scale project she has overseen. In chairing a playground renovation project for her community, she worked with a local civic group and city officials to raise money to renovate six school and community playgrounds. In one year, sufficient funds were raised to purchase and install new equipment for all six sites. Misles-Krhin considers her top accomplishment as a principal to be establishing a professional learning community among teachers at her school. “I have worked with staff to create an environment that demonstrates respect, mutual cooperation, and professional growth to foster student success,” she says. She started her current principalship in 1999. Located in a small town, her school counts 465 children in preschool through grade 2. She received a bachelor’s degree from Northwestern University in Illinois, a master’s degree from the University of Wisconsin at Oshkosh, and a Ph.D. from the University of Wisconsin at Madison.