Mary Jane Koberlein
St. Gerard Majella School
Archdiocese of St. Louis
National Catholic Education Association
Kirkwood, Missouri

Mary Jane KoberleinForming saints and shaping lifelong learners have been essential tasks for Jane Koberlein as a Catholic school principal for 18 years. Her annual message to graduating students of her K-8 school includes a reminder that “becoming a saint, which is nurtured through prayer and defined by compassion and social justice for the neediest, is within your grasp.” As principal of St. Gerard Majella School, Koberlein provides spiritual leadership to guide the suburban school’s staff, 345 students, and community members. “I am a principal of deep faith who gives daily witness to God’s every-present and unconditional love during the good times and deepest tragedies within my school community,” Koberlein says. She also provides instructional direction and support that has helped teachers turn students’ learning challenges into successes. She promotes the use of educational research and student assessment data to improve classroom instruction. She also provides professional development opportunities to enhance her staff’s skills. As a result, St. Gerard Majella students, including those with such disabilities as spina bifida, Asperger’s syndrome, and attention deficit disorder, are ready to enter partner high schools. Koberlein has overseen steady enrollment increases during her tenure. The growth has necessitated two multi-million-dollar expansions of her school facilities. She holds a B.A. from Notre Dame College in Missouri and an M.A. and an Ed.D. from St. Louis University in Missouri.