Mark A. Miller
Eisenhower Elementary School
Upper St. Clair School District
McMurray, Pennsylvania

Mark Miller considers his top accomplishment as a principal to be the model he has established for a professional learning community within his school. The model engages teachers and other staff members in professional learning together, with a focus on improving student learning. At weekly and monthly meetings, teachers share best instructional practices that have succeeded in their classrooms. “With this collaborative learning in place, significant increases in student achievement have become the norm,” says Miller. He has been principal of Eisenhower Elementary since 2002. The suburban kindergarten through grade 4 school has an enrollment of 525. During his tenure, Miller has emphasized the school’s mission to foster a welcoming climate that encourages the staff, parents, and students to work together to support children’s development. He has ensured extensive education for parents on the school’s philosophy and focus on partnerships among parents and teachers. With a student-centered culture in place at the school today, teachers aim to provide individual instruction to meet each learner’s needs. Throughout the school, “every decision begins with the same question, ‘How will this impact or move our kids?’” says Miller. “Answering that question openly and honestly and then acting courageously moves learners forward along the continuum.” Miller has a B.S. from Point Park University in Pennsylvania and an M.Ed. from the University of Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania.