Leanne M. Dunlap
The American School of Warsaw
U.S. Department of State, Office of Overseas Schools
Konstancin Jeriorna, Poland

Leanne M. Dunlap“Being a self-proclaimed tech geek,” says Leanne Dunlap, “I learned early how technology could truly revolutionize teaching.” Dunlap has found that technology makes it easy to adopt a student-centered model of instruction in which the curriculum is adjusted to meet each learner’s different needs. She helped initiate a laptop computer program at her school that has enhanced instructional practices and improved children’s learning. She also helped develop online courses for an alternative education program, receiving grant funding to provide enrichment classes via the Internet. As a principal at The American School of Warsaw for the past three years, Dunlap has been the instructional leader of its middle school, serving 216 students in grades six through eight. Dunlap helped train her school’s faculty in a curriculum framework to ensure an aligned, standards-based curriculum from the prekindergarten through grade 12 levels. Believing that school leadership should be a shared endeavor, Dunlap has fostered the professional growth of numerous staff members. Members of the leadership team she created rotate so that everyone has the opportunity to develop their skills. To encourage a family-friendly climate in her school, Dunlap communicates and shares information with parents of students in wide-ranging ways. She also tries to check in weekly with each faculty member. She received a B.A. from the University of Washington and an M.Ed. from Central Washington University.