To help principals cultivate an engaged leadership style, Principal magazine is delivering a new resource that administrators can use to strengthen bonds, build professional culture, and put to work the new research, best practices, and leadership strategies that are the magazine’s hallmark.

Principal magazine is proud to present Leading Lessons, a series designed to help practitioners take their learning into action and develop stronger leadership teams. This turn-key tool can be used as a professional guide with assistant principals, teacher leaders, or an entire school staff.


Empowered Partners in Learning

September/October 2019

For all children to be ready for college and their careers, they need a learning experience tailored to their unique needs, skills, and interests. Data is a critical tool that makes this personalized learning possible. When students, parents, and teachers are empowered with access to timely, useful, safeguarded data, there are so many ways to support students on their path to success. Read more


Start Off Strong

May/June 2019

Reviewing data, rules, and regulations is necessary, but it’s not the highest priority as teachers come back to school. Use this guide with your staff to plan special activities that provide motivation, engagement, and fun to start the year in a positive and uplifting manner. Read more


Managing People, Data, and Processes

March/April 2019

This Leading Lessons guide, brought to you in partnership with The Wallace Foundation, is designed to facilitate planning and discussion to effectively manage people, data, and processes. Read more


Collaborate to Align Learning

January/February 2019

Although it is often focused on teachers, the result of leadership teams working together can be equally as powerful. Use this guide to build collective efficacy—starting with your assistant principal. Read more


Social and Emotional Learning

November/December 2018

This Leading Lessons guide reviews social and emotional research, lists 25 leading SEL and character development programs, and provides strategies and reflection questions to be used with a leadership team. Read more


Creating a Climate for Change

September/October 2018

Whether you are embarking on a new initiative to improve parent engagement, prevent teacher burnout, or bolster student engagement through culturally responsive strategies, use this guide to create the kind of open dialogue that produces change. Read more