Julie Bloss

Candidate for 2019 Vice President

Principal of Grove Early Childhood Center in Grove, Oklahoma

"Safe, Secure and Sound Resolutions For Our Future"

At the beginning of my marriage, I thought of my husband’s and my careers as two separate entities. My career is education, his career is law enforcement. Fast forward thirty years and now our two careers intertwine in a way that I never anticipated. It seems like almost every day we hear through the media about another incident of violence in our schools. I recognize that there is no one solution to ending school violence and each school is unique in their approach to school safety and security. I feel strongly that leading conversations about school safety and how we as NAESP members can assist elementary school students, sites and staff in being safeguarded is of paramount importance for our schools. In addition, helping to provide principals with security information, safety practices from across the spectrum, resources provided by government agencies and other school districts are essential.

Recent data suggests just 27% of K-12 parents express strong confidence that their school could deter an attack like those that have wrenched communities across the nation. Staggering statistics state that one in 3 parents (34%) possess fears for their child’s physical safety in school. Reaching for solutions, parents overwhelmingly support armed police in the schools (80%), mental health screening of all students (76%), and metal detectors at entrances (74%). Most interesting, when faced with a choice of spending money on armed guards in school or on mental health services for students, the public overwhelmingly prioritizes mental health services.

As principals, we know that acts of violence perpetrated in our schools often times occur from children impacted by adverse childhood experiences as well as mental health issues. My role as a principal leader is to advocate for increased services to assist students and families in need of mental health assistance and to provide the proper supports for children in trauma. So how can one discipline a child impacted by adverse childhood experiences in the same way as a child who is fortunate not to be impacted by trauma? How do we give principals the necessary tools to be able to responsibly navigate this dilemma and provide the appropriate mental health services at their school sites? These are huge issues and ones that I know cannot be solved in isolation. Principals need ongoing, relevant professional learning to navigate this compelling issue and others that impact their practice. Analyzing membership data to provide professional development opportunities with diversified formats and topics to meet membership interests and needs is of paramount importance. I feel confident in NAESP’s ability to provide principals with what they need and to work closely with the association in outreach to principals.

My primary goal in attaining the office of NAESP Vice President is to serve as a vehicle for increasing hope and resiliency in the lives of children through my work with principals. With NAESP’s support, I will work to equip principals to mitigate the complex issues of school safety and mental health while providing them the professional learning that they indicate will help them be successful in their jobs. My dream is to foster principal leadership that sends students on a pathway to a shining future.

Professional Preparation

B.S. Ed., Elementary Education, Northeastern State University, 1989
Ed., Early Childhood Education, Northeastern State University, 1992

Professional Experience

Principal, Grove Early Childhood Center, Grove, OK, 2007-present
Assistant Principal, Grove Lower Elementary School, Grove, OK, 2001-2007
Elementary Counselor PK-3rd Grade, Grove Lower Elementary School, Grove, OK, 2000-2001
Kindergarten Teacher, Grove Lower Elementary School, Grove, OK, 1999-2000
Elementary Counselor PK-5th Grade, Colcord Elementary School, Colcord, OK, 1995-1999
Pre-K Teacher AM/4th and 5th Grade Language Arts PM, Colcord Elementary School, Colcord, OK 1994-1995
Title 1 Bilingual Pre-K Teacher, Colcord Elementary School, Colcord, OK, 1991-1993
Second Grade Teacher, Colcord Elementary School, Colcord, OK, 1989-1991
Adjunct Instructor, Northeastern State University, Tahlequah, OK, 1994-1998
Adjunct Instructor, NEO A&M College, Miami, OK, 1998-2001

Professional Affiliations

NAESP Editorial Advisor, Principal Magazine, 2017-present
NAESP Professional Learning Advisory Board, 2018-present
NAESP Principal Committee Leading Pre-K–3 Learning Communities, 2014
Cooperative Council for Oklahoma School Administrators Chairperson, 2018-present
Cooperative Council for Oklahoma School Administrators Member, 2017-2018
Scholastic Principal Advisory Board, 2018-present
Oklahoma Association of Elementary School Principals Past President, 2018-present
Oklahoma Association of Elementary School Principals President, 2017-2018
Oklahoma Association of Elementary School Principals Executive Committee Northeast Quadrant Representative, 2014-2017
Oklahoma State Department of Education Principal Advisory Board, 2016-present
OAESP Grant Reader, 2013-2016
Oklahoma State Department of Education Grant Reader, 2015-present (federal and state)
Oklahoma Education Association, 1989-2014
Colcord Association of Classroom Teachers, 1989-1999
Grove Classroom Teachers Association, 1999-2002
Grove Public Schools Negotiations Administration Representative, 2006-present
Professional Oklahoma Educators member, 2014-present
Southern Early Childhood Association Child Literature Reviewer, 2013-2017
Northeast Oklahoma Coalition of Elementary and Secondary Educators, 2013-present
Grove Public School Professional Development Committee Chair, 2001-present
Grove Public School Gifted and Talented Committee, 2006-present
Grove Public School Title 1 Committee, 2001-present
Grove Public School Safe, Healthy and Fit Committee, 2006-present

Other Positions

Volunteer Grant Writer for City of Grove, Oklahoma, 2011-present
Volunteer Grant Writer for Delaware County Sheriff's Office, 2013-2016
Volunteer Grant Writer for Grove Police Department, Grove, OK, 2014-present
AmeriCorps Supervisor, Grove, Oklahoma, 2017-present
Volunteers in Police Service, Grove, Oklahoma, 2014-present
American Legion Auxiliary, Grove, Oklahoma,1987- present

Professional Accomplishments

NAESP National Distinguished Principal, October 2012
Oklahoma Elementary School Principal of the Year, 2012-2013
Professional Oklahoma Educators Administrator of the Year Finalist, 2015
Professional Oklahoma Educators School of Character Award, 2014
Professional Oklahoma Educators School of Character Finalist, 2012
Grove Education Foundation for Excellence Shining Star Finalist, 2011, 2015, 2018
NAESP Sharing the DREAM Grant Recipient, 2012
NAESP Sharing the DREAM Grant Recipient, 2005