Jody A. Schaap
Antelope Elementary School
Davis School District
Clearfield, Utah

Jody A. SchaapWhen Jody Schaap arrived at each of the elementary schools she has led as a principal, she faced similar levels of discord and low morale among teachers. Yet she turned around the situations to create harmonious climates in both schools. Her success comes from her commitment to treating her staff with respect and professionalism, focusing on student learning, and empowering teachers to participate in school decision making. When she became principal of Antelope Elementary in 2003, Schaap found that the suburban K-6 school had an ineffective Title I program. She led restructuring efforts at the schoolwide level to ensure that students would receive appropriate services. Working with teachers and instructional aides, she added guided reading groups for struggling learners. She also established measures to provide direction for the Title I program and coordinated student services with classroom programs. To drive instructional changes, Schaap has guided the staff of Antelope Elementary to use assessment data on the school’s 891 students. The effort has included providing training over four years to help teachers use curriculum-based assessments to measure and track student learning. “Through this long process, they have learned the significance of data and assessing to see what students are learning and need to learn,” she says. She received a B.Ed. and an M.Ed. from Weber State College in Utah.