Jason D. AndersonJason D. Anderson
Campbell Elementary School
Springfield R-12 School District
Springfield, Missouri

The intense focus on writing at Jason Anderson’s school in recent years has created an environment where students are “walking through the halls with writing in hand to share with anyone willing to listen!” he says. Anderson became principal of Campbell Elementary in 2006. The K-5 school serves a high-poverty population of 208. Anderson led the faculty to analyze assessment data and classwork showing students’ reading and writing abilities in a major drive to improve literacy. With help from a literacy coach, the school has focused on meeting both teachers’ and students’ learning needs to boost writing achievement. Anderson also has worked on improving the physical condition of his aging school. Starting by building awareness of his school’s historic value and its past as a community cornerstone, he spearheaded efforts to clean up the interior and upgrade exterior areas. Another challenge Anderson has tackled is promoting parent involvement. His ultimate goal has been to show adults and children alike the value of lifelong learning. Drawing on community resources, he oversaw the development of a program called ParentConnect.Campbell. Through this initiative, Campbell Elementary hosts parenting classes, tutoring in reading and writing, and a program to help parents complete high school equivalency studies. Anderson holds a B.S.Ed. from Missouri State University, an M.Ed. from Northern Arizona University, and an Ed.D. from the University of Missouri at Columbia.