Jacquelyn M. Meyer
Cecil D. Andrus Elementary School
Meridian School District
Boise, Idaho

When Jackie Meyer was chosen for her current principalship two years ago, she saw it as an honor—and a challenging assignment. Andrus Elementary School serves an affluent community, and the highly involved parents have very high expectations. The suburban school also hosts four special education programs. These include a self-contained program for gifted students. To address the achievement gap between her pre-kindergarten through grade 5 school’s small population of economically disadvantaged students and others in the student body of 620, Meyer introduced a process that helps struggling learners respond to interventions supporting their progress. To ensure that high-achieving gifted students also continue progressing academically, she has supported professional development opportunities for teachers. In nearly 15 years as a principal, Meyer has led four elementary schools in Boise. A highlight of her six-year tenure at Summerwind Elementary, which she headed until 2008, was receiving the Idaho Gem Educational Leadership Award. The honor recognizes growth in student achievement, instructional programs to meet student needs, and successful Title I and English language learning programs. Previously, at Lake Hazel Elementary, Meyer and her staff spent three years revamping the school’s Title I program. Their efforts paid off with tremendous academic gains each year. The school received an Idaho Title I Distinguished School Award. Meyer earned a B.S. from Boise State University and two M.A. degrees at the University of Idaho.