Gail M. WoldGail M. Wold
Beulah Middle School
Beulah Public Schools
Beulah, North Dakota

Gail Wold has guided her school’s transition from a traditional elementary and junior high school to a middle school. The middle school concept shows in practices such as the school’s daily teaming time, student advisory program, and involvement of students in parent-teacher conferences. Wold has been principal of Beulah Middle School since 1993. The small-town school currently counts 213 grade 5–8 students. To help all students achieve at high levels, Wold has established systematic school procedures for monitoring students’ progress and ensuring that they receive additional support when they experience learning difficulties. Wold encourages teachers and students alike to stretch themselves to improve achievement levels. Vital to the school’s achievement-oriented culture is the professional learning community among teachers. “Whatever I can do to enable teachers to be more effective, I try to accomplish,” says Wold. “I believe that developing others is the real challenge of leadership.” From 2004 to 2008, student performance at her school has improved significantly. Reading scores reached a level of 90 percent of students at or above the proficiency level in 2006-2007. Math scores have steadily increased from about 68 percent of students at or above proficiency in 2004-2005 to nearly 89 percent at that level in 2007-2008. Wold has a B.S. from Dickinson State University in North Dakota and an M.Ed. from the University of North Dakota.