Gabriel Alexander Trujillo
William H. Byrd Middle School
Duncanville Independent School District
Duncanville, Texas Gabriel Trujillo

Gabriel Trujillo calls the institution he heads “a public school of choice that values a partnership in leadership.” This partnership shows in the team approach Trujillo and teachers use to plan instructional changes based on student learning data. “As an effective team,” he says, “we have sustained positive, incremental growth” on measures of academic performance, particularly of subgroups of the student population. Trujillo became principal of William H. Byrd Middle School in 2001. The suburban middle school currently serves 678 students in grades seven and eight. Among his accomplishments as the school’s instructional leader, he cites establishing a clear focus on student achievement. This focus includes regular communications about the school’s goals for academic performance. Trujillo conveys these goals throughout the campus and with students’ families and the community. He also strives to promote collaborative problem solving and frank, open dialogue among teachers, students, and parents at Byrd Middle School. Two years ago, the school implemented an innovative schedule to maximize instructional opportunities for students. The new eight-period schedule allows for nongraded academies during the last hour of the school day to accommodate the interests of students and teachers. Trujillo’s career as a principal for 11 years has included leadership posts at two elementary schools. He received bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Wayland Baptist University in Texas.