The 2016 NAESP Vice Presidential election is scheduled for March 16 through March 29. Eligible members (active, institutional active, and emeritus members) will vote for NAESP’s vice president. You will need to log in to the NAESP website to access the ballot. If you have never logged in to, take a moment to do it in advance of the election notification! The NAESP Board election is conducted electronically, although paper ballots are available.

Election 2016: Frequently Asked Questions

When can I vote?
You may vote any time of the day or night from March 12--March 29.

Who will receive election notification e-mails?
The types of members who are eligible to vote (active, institutional active, emeritus members) will receive e-mail election notification. Retired members do not have voting rights.

Who will I be voting for?
This spring, eligible NAESP members will elect a new vice president. The electronic ballots and candidate biographies will be available through our website—but you will need to log in to access the ballot.

Which states are in each NAESP zone?
See the NAESP Zone Map.

What members types are eligible to vote?
Member types eligible to vote: Active, Institutional Active, and Emeritus members.
Member types not eligible to vote: Retired, Aspiring, Associate, International Associate, Institutional Subscription, and Complimentary.

Voter eligibility is determined by long-standing NAESP Board of Directors policy.

How do I vote?
Go to and log in with your username (your primary e-mail address on file with NAESP) and password. If this is your first time to log in, your password is your last name, and you may be prompted to change your password to something more secure. Then click on the Vote button to access the ballot. The ballot page will include links to information on each candidate’s experience and qualifications. If you are having trouble, contact Nikki Sparks at 703-518-6264.

If I haven’t been receiving e-mail from NAESP, my primary e-mail address on file must be wrong: where do I send my updated information?
Send any contact information updates to

How do I register on for the first time?
Visit for instructions or at, click on the box "MEMBERS-How to Log in to NAESP's website" for a short PowerPoint presentation; or watch an instructional video.

Will I be able to vote from the NAESP website? Yes, ballot access will be available by logging in to the NAESP website as you do normally.

Will I receive confirmation that I have voted? Yes, you will receive an email confirmation for the vice president ballot question.  If you go back to the site to change your vote, you will receive an e-mail confirmation for that updated vote.

What if I can't vote electronically?
Call Jennifer Shannon (703-518-6286) at NAESP to request a paper ballot.

Is my vote secure?
Absolutely. Your unique NAESP login is required before you access your ballot. You will also receive an electronically generated confirmation after you vote. If you receive a confirmation but haven't yet voted, contact NAESP immediately.

The NAESP Election Audit Board also examines voting results for authenticity before certifying the election results.

Once a voter has cast his/her vote, the voter is flagged permanently as having voted. While you can change your vote any time before the election closes (using your unique log in), only your final vote will be tallied.

How can I request a paper ballot?
Call Jennifer Shannon (703-518-6286) at NAESP to request a paper ballot.