Rachel Clarke

School Name: 
Kensington Elementary
U.S. State: 
North Carolina
Member Since: 

The job of a principal is a lonely one...wait, no it isn't! I'm a member of several professional organizations, and each has a little something about them that compels me to join. NAESP is the organization of which I am MOST appreciative because of ALL that it offers. It is remarkable to have a such a large group of people as an instantaneous support/professional learning group. We are all in the same boat, working under more constraints (and more stress).

NAESP gives us a networking platform to work together, along with providing us with resources to help us be successful at our jobs. It is so reassuring to have a problem at school and to be able to go online and connect with a fellow principal, or to have professional resources available at my fingertips! I wish I had known of NAESP as a beginning principal. I would have taken advantage of all of the support that is offered to a novice principal. Joining NAESP is a professional life-changer!