Webinar: Harmony SEL-Academic Integration Professional Learning Series

Webinar: Harmony SEL-Academic Integration Professional Learning Series

As school leaders, you are ready to take your SEL implementation to the next level. We invite you to join the Harmony SEL-Academic Integration professional learning series to extend social and emotional competencies developed through Harmony into your academic instruction. Engage in three interactive sessions where you will learn to integrate SEL in academic learning with 10 educator best practices. You will have an opportunity to collaborate with a cohort of fellow educators as you learn strategies, create an action plan, and prepare your teachers to practice a new delivery model.

The participant will:

  • Analyze why Harmony SEL and core components of SEL support navigating trauma and today’s landscape.
  • Understand the core Harmony SEL skills students use throughout their academic day.
  • Analyze 10 educator practices through culturally responsive pedagogy.
  • Apply the taxonomy to Harmony SEL skills for academic integration through examples, action planning and reflection.



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