Commit to Being a Bias-Conscious Leader

Commit to Being a Bias-Conscious Leader

In this skill-building session, bridge the gap between awareness and action by learning about the cognitive biases that influence recruitment, hiring, mentoring, and promotion.

One of the most important ways that bias affects organizations is through the decisions that leaders make. From overseeing student discipline to hiring new teachers and staff to managing parent expectations, school principals are asked to make dozens of decisions every day that impact their students, schools, and communities. In this session, we will explore eight cognitive biases, how those biases can affect our decision-making, and what evidence-based strategies we can use to mitigate the negative impact of those biases. By learning to identify and address these biases and their effect on our decision-making, we can become more effective leaders.

About the Series

This is the first webinar in a two-part series—Skill-Building Sessions: Moving From Awareness to Action—in partnership with Project Implicit. Good intentions alone will not create systemic change. Learn to bridge the gap between awareness and action with tools to act on growing awareness to identify, disrupt, and reimagine the structures and systems that govern the personal and professional lives of school leaders. The series is presented by NAESP and the National Association of Secondary School Principals.

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