Cynthia J. Worrall
Frenchtown Elementary School
Frenchtown School District No. 40
Frenchtown, Montana

In Cynthia Worrall’s rural school community, students’ homes are spread out along country roads and in wooded canyons. In 70 percent of the households, both parents work. These factors present unique challenges for involving parents in school life. But Worrall has maintained strong connections with families in the community through her school’s use of online communications and comprehensive Web site offerings. These include practice lessons and a database of classroom assignments. Worrall assumed the principalship of Frenchtown Elementary School nine years ago. During her tenure at the pre-kindergarten through grade 4 school of 436, she has helped turn it into a community center through the development of a recreation area on 32 acres. The site includes several ball fields and play structures, a sheltered outdoor classroom, a mile-long nature trail, an observation deck over water, and bird-nesting sites. Among her top accomplishments as a principal, Worrall lists first her work in aligning instruction to support student success in her school. In an ongoing process, she has led her staff to increase and apply their understanding of state academic standards to enhance school instruction and assessments. Worrall also has established a school wellness program. It focuses on improving nutrition in school meals, increasing school cleanliness, offering health screenings and in-school dental care, and promoting exercise habits. Worrall holds a B.A. and an M.Ed. from the University of Montana.