PD360/NAESP Webinar: Leadership for the Common Core: Synthesize, Strategize, Maximize!

Title: Leadership for the Common Core: Synthesize, Strategize, Maximize!

Date: Thursday, May 3

Description: What do teacher effectiveness, RTI, literacy, achievement scores, PLCs, and closing the gap all have in common? The Common Core Standards!

This webinar will focus on how principals can prepare teachers and their schools to integrate the Common Core. You will gain strategies to help you support teachers as they make instructional shifts and design performance tasks that imbed 21st Century Skills.

  • What will be the new expectations regarding text complexity and curriculum entry points for diverse learners?
  • What can principals incorporate in their “look-fors” as they conduct walkthroughs and teacher evaluations?

Learn about these and other leadership issues through the Common Core lens.


Lisa M. Leith, Ph.D., is the director of content for School Improvement Network. She is also on staff in the Graduate Department of the University of Phoenix Online, mentoring doctoral students from design of a research proposal, through the writing and defense of the dissertation. Before joining School Improvement Network, she served as director of accountability and accreditation for Thompson School District in Loveland, Colo.

Under a grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Leith led the National Principal Training and Support Initiative for the Alternative High School Initiative (AHSI), supporting 10 innovative educational organizations in all aspects of educational and organizational development and data analysis. Prior to her work with AHSI, she served for six years with The National Association of Street Schools, first as principal of the Denver Street School and then as vice president of school development for a national network of more than 40 alternative schools.

Leith taught a course entitled “Teaching for the success of all adolescents” for the special education department at the University of Colorado, and supported the university education faculty towards increasing use of technology as an instructional and research tool through a Federal PT3 grant. She has been a secondary math teacher and a principal in elementary, middle, and high schools.

Her research focus and passion are improving academic outcomes for all students through principal professional development, academic leadership, and inclusive school climates. You can email Lisa at lisa.ahsi@gmail.com .

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