NAESP Launches New Center for Innovative Leadership

NAESP Launches New Center for Innovative Leadership

In an effort to improve and expand the support for principals in achieving the highest results for children, families, and communities, we are pleased to launch the NAESP Center for Innovative Leadership. The center’s focus and strategic design is to help principals and learning communities achieve optimal results for every child.

The primary purpose of the center is to disseminate transformative practices and strategies that will serve as a catalyst for creating a lasting foundation for principal learning, driving school and student performance, and shaping the long-term impact of school improvement efforts.

The center will enhance NAESP professional learning opportunities with a concentration in the following activities:

  • Specialized session strand at the NAESP Pre-K–8 Principals Conference;
  • Bi-monthly social media series;
  • Programs and services related to innovative leadership; 
  • White papers, blogs, and articles; and 
  • Monthly podcasts/video series.

The center will be led by two fellows: Hamish Brewer, principal of Fred M. Lynn Middle School in Woodbridge, Virginia, and Andy Jacks, principal of Ashland Elementary School in Manassas, Virginia.

“We are excited to have Hamish Brewer and Andy Jacks, two innovative principal visionaries, join us as fellows for the Center for Innovative Leadership,” said NAESP Executive Director Dr. L. Earl Franks, CAE. “Through their leadership of this exciting new program, the NAESP organization will continue to strengthen and fulfill our mission to lead in the advocacy and support for elementary and middle-level principals and other education leaders in their commitment to all children."

In the coming weeks and months, NAESP members can look forward to regular updates about the center and information about how to engage.