Common Core Checklist for Principals

In recognition of the critical role of principal leadership in the transition to the Common Core State Standards (CCSS), NAESP has released a Common Core Implementation Checklist for Principals. The checklist is designed to help principals determine what bodies of knowledge and skill sets they need to lead their school’s implementation of CCSS.

The checklist guides principals through identifying areas of strength and needs by checking off completed tasks and making notes about plans in five key areas:

  • Leadership, awareness building, and communication;
  • Professional development for teachers;
  • Implications for student learning;
  • Capacity building; and
  • Special considerations for your school.

Each list is followed by links to related resources. NAESP also encourages principals to visit NAESP’s website for additional resources, including NAESP’s free Common Core webinars or those archived on NAESP’s CCSS Resources Page.