Communicator - July 2018

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In case you missed it, here are summaries of some of the awe-inspiring sessions that occurred during NAESP’s Pre-K–8 Principals Conference this summer in Orlando.

What Schools Need: Love?
Massachusetts principal reflects on a common thread at NAESP’s annual conference. Read more

Be the Chief Storyteller for Your School
7 strategies to lead beyond the newsletter by the national panel on innovative communication. Read more

How to Reduce Classroom Anxiety
What you need to know about how students process anxiety. Read more

Education Reimagined
An Oklahoma principal shares her takeaways from Khan Academy founder Sal Khan’s keynote presentation. Read more


Reflecting on the Magic
#Edubros Steven Lamkin and David Lamkin provide the unique perspective of two brothers—one administrator and one music teacher—attending NAESP18 together. Read more

I am WIGing Out Over Here
Principal and blogger Todd Schmidtt reviews keynoter Sean Covey’s Four Disciplines of Execution. Read more

Give Me a Break
4 takeaways from Daniel Pink’s keynote from principal and blogger Keith Peters. Read more

#NAESP18 Teamann takeaways, Ideas I’m using THIS year!
Texas principal and blogger Amber Teamann offers five lessons she learned at #NAESP18. Read more



Conference Edition of Webinar Wednesday
Learn what you missed at this year's conference in Orlando from NAESP Board Members & attendees. Read more

2019 Pre-K–8 Principals Conference to be held in Spokane
NAESP will be hosting its annual conference in Spokane, Washington, July 10–12, 2019. Read more

NAESP Board Of Directors Issues Position Statement On Diversity In Schools
The statement reflects the association's commitment to diversity, inclusivity, and school and student success. Read more

NAESP Leadership Academy Selected For 2018 “Power Of A” Silver Award
NAESP’s Pre-K–3 Leadership Academy recognized for its impact on America and the world. Read more

NAESP Receives Award for Principal Magazine
A special literacy-themed issue of Principal has won an Apex Award for Publication Excellence. Read more

NAESP Board of Directors Nominates Replacement Director for Zone 2
The New Director for Zone 2, Dr. Arlene Rogo, will begin her term on Aug. 1, 2018. Read more