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A Strong Start to 2018
Principals share advice on preparing for the second half of the school year. Read more

Books To Read Over Break
Enhance your leadership skills during the holidays with these easy reads. Read more

Be a Champion for Literacy
Your actions today will help your students go for gold. Read more

Building An Effective IEP for Your School
How school leaders can help to improve the quality of education for students receiving special education. Read more



Be More Compelling than a Spinner!
Enhance your classroom engagement in order to keep students captivated and learning. Read more

A Better Way of Thinking
Five tips to help you build positive habits of mind and defeat stress or worry. Read more

What Is Family Code Night?
A next step in computer science learning for your elementary school. Read more


Diversity in Public Schools: What Parents Think
A recent study says most parents agree that diversity is important in schools, but are not willing to commute longer for it. Read more

Wow!Ed Newsletter: Grit and Resiliency
Learn about how principals and teachers can further important success factors: grit, resiliency, and mindset. Read more

Grants, Opportunities, & Free Resources
Learn about upcoming grant deadlines and get information about free resources that can help your school. Read more


Apply for Arts Grant from NAESP & Crayola
Crayola and NAESP offers a special opportunity to apply for a Champion Creatively Alive Children Grant. Your school could receive a $3,500 grant. Read more

Input Welcome: Updates To The NAESP Platform And Resolutions
Members are encouraged to submit feedback on NAESP's Platform and Resolutions by Jan. 22, 2018. Read more

NAESP Welcomes Danny Carlson, New Director Of Policy and Advocacy
New director to guide NAESP’s advocacy and legislative initiatives and strategic alliances to advance the Association’s policy agenda. Read more

Registration Now Open For NAESP’s 2018 Conference
Join us in Orlando for the 2018 NAESP Pre-K–8 Principals Conference, featuring keynote speakers Sean Covey and Daniel H. Pink.  Read more

Register for National Mentor Training in Virginia, Feb. 15-16
Take the time to invest in yourself, your career, and the principal profession as a Certified National Principal Mentor.  Read more

Write for #PrincipalMag
Writing for Principal is a great way to contribute to the principalship and to enhance your own professional development. Read more