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Get Prepared to Talk About Bullying

April 2012, Volume 35, Issue 8

Eighteen million kids will be bullied in the U.S. this year and three million kids miss school every month because they feel unsafe. Because of the high number of instances, it is imperative that principals continuously address the issue in their schools. Bullying is poised to become an even hotter topic with the release of the controversial documentary, “Bully,” which depicts an unflattering impression of a principal who lacks the necessary skills to effectively handle the intense bullying occurring on her campus.  

“Elementary principals are profoundly aware of the impact name-calling, bullying, and physical violence have not only on an individual student’s development, but also in disrupting a positive school culture,” NAESP Executive Director Gail Connelly says. “We must examine and replicate best practices that prevent bullying in our schools and give all educators the knowledge and skills they need to create a school culture that supports every child’s well-being, safety, and self-confidence.”

Get resources, answers, and insight on how to respond to bullying that might be occurring under your radar; and be prepared to talk with your school community about this provocative film. NAESP’s Bullying Prevention Resource Page offers tools and information to help you combat bullying in your school, including resources distributed at NAESP’s Bullying Town Hall Meeting that was held in conjunction with at the annual conference in Seattle.


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