Christopher P.C. Kennedy
Nayatt School
Barrington School District
Barrington, Rhode Island

For the past three years, Christopher Kennedy has helped the school he leads win foundation grants totaling $30,000 to support community outreach activities. Good deeds are central to the grant-funded programming that has extended throughout the school community. “It has now become second nature for teachers, students, and parents to try to make logical connections between units of study and service learning opportunities,” says Kennedy. “It has strengthened the hearts of the children to know they contribute to a world beyond their school and neighborhood.” Kennedy has been principal of Nayatt School since 2005. The suburban school enrolls 374 pre-kindergarten through grade 3 students. Kennedy acts as a coach during the teacher evaluation process. In this way, he has helped novice and veteran teachers alike develop their expertise in planning, delivering, and reflecting on daily lessons in their classrooms. His approach is to take a nonjudgmental stance, paraphrase responses and offer teachers reflective questions, and use data to drive the evaluation cycle. Kennedy also can take pride in his success in increasing nutrition awareness at his school. He encourages children and adults to make healthy choices in all food consumed at school, including snacks for birthday celebrations. He has a B.S. from the University of Rhode Island, an M.Ed. from Harvard University in Massachusetts, and an Ed.D. from Johnson & Wales University in Rhode Island.