Charles P. GameonCharles P. Gameon
Choteau Elementary School
Choteau Elementary School District No. 1
Choteau, Montana

“I want my teachers to know I will do anything I can for them and for our children,” says Charles Gameon. With his firm belief in leading by example as head instructor, he has taught a variety of groups and classes during nine years as a principal. “I now find myself heavily involved in the intervention process for our students who need individual or small-group instruction,” he says. Gameon has been principal since 2000 of Choteau Elementary. The small-town school currently houses 182 Pre-K-6 students. Gameon’s top priority has been fostering teachers’ professional growth. In teacher evaluations, he has promoted professional goal setting. He worked with his district’s superintendent, school board, and teachers’ union to formally adopt a goal-based teacher evaluation tool. Another success of Gameon’s principalship is a program he implemented that focuses on instructional interventions for struggling learners. The program has improved core instruction across grade levels by bringing about “a philosophical change in how we educate our children,” says Gameon. He also created a program called Boost that prepares young children for kindergarten at his school. Boost provides support in the development of language and motor skills and concepts. The two- to four-day-per-week sessions have been integrated with Head Start and preschool programming. Gameon received his B.S. from Eastern Montana College and his M.A. from the University of Great Falls in Montana.