Crayola 2015 Champion Creatively Alive Children Grant


Spark Creativity With Ideas from NAESP and Crayola

Crayola and NAESP are proud to help you Champion Creatively Alive Children and support arts-infused education.

Arts-infused education teaches children the four Cs — communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity — skills they need to understand our increasingly interconnected world and thrive as 21st century citizens.

Dive into the resources below to explore innovative ideas and best practices for instilling art into the classroom.

Champion Creatively Alive Grant Program

NAESP and Crayola award 20 schools annually with grants valued at $3,500 to implement arts programming.

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Arts Education for the Whole Child: January / February 2009 



Crayola's Champion Creatively Alive Children Training Modules

These videos, handouts and worksheets will give you everything you need to lead your school's arts programs.

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