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The Elementary School Principal's Guide to a Successful Opening and Closing of the School Year
By Barbara Skeeters and Susan F. Lumley

Are you in need of time-saving tools for planning, organizing, and delegating the myriad of tasks necessary for successfully opening and closing the school year? Then look no further – your lifeline is here!  This step-by-step guide provides the elementary school principal with instructional and managerial tools necessary for the opening and closing of school. Developed for use as a fingertip resource for novice and seasoned principals alike, this book uses tools such as checklists, forms, procedures, routines, and comprehensive planning guides to provide the essential framework for multitasking and organizing.  By implementing these suggestions, principals will be able to:

  • create a smooth start and calm ending of the school year
  • set a tone for high expectations and a positive environment for learning
  • provide organizational tools
  • allow more time for instructional leadership


The Principals Guide to the First 100 Days of the School Year
By Shawn Joseph

For veteran principals, new principals, and aspiring principals, this book is a valuable resource for building instructional momentum during the beginning of the school year. Educational leadership expert Shawn Joseph guides administrators through five key areas: Vision, Instructional Leadership, Politics, Data, and Planning.

With detailed timelines, practical advice, and ready-to-use resources, Joseph explains the essential steps to leadership success that will continue throughout the school year.


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