National Principals Month Resolution
NAESP and NASSP are proud to announce that for the third year in a row Congress has declared October 2012 as National Principals Month. The resolutions, S. Res 552 and H. Res 781 provide our associations the opportunity to highlight the important work of K-12 principals and encourage the nation to honor their leaders. NAESP and NASSP are launching a month-long schedule of activities to recognize principals, and invite you to join the celebration! Please share NAESP’s Principals Month resolution template with your state legislature, board of education, local city or county council, or school board and urge them to develop their own Principals Month commemorative resolutions.

National Distinguished Principals Program
NAESP will once again pay tribute to the outstanding elementary and middle-level administrators from across the nation during our annual National Distinguished Principals program, to be held October 18-19 in Washington, D.C. We congratulate the NDP’s for their positive impact on learning by setting high standards for instruction, achievement, character, and developing a positive school culture. Learn more about this year’s honorees.

Proud to Be a Principal Spotlight
We recognize that principals love what they do and enjoy the many opportunities to share in the learning journeys of the children in their schools. In celebration of all the moments, all the stories, and all the celebrations that happen every day in the schools across this nation NAESP will highlight these memories throughout October. The Proud to Be a Principal Spotlight is an opportunity for principals to document these memories by submitting their stories for recognition during National Principals Month. Each week in October, NAESP will select one principal’s submission to be featured on NAESP’s website. Please take the time to submit a brief vignette. Principals submitting the selected entries will receive a gift box to share with the entire school staff.

Principal Shadowing Program
We all know that the best way to understand the roles and responsibilities of principals is to see them in action. NAESP and NASSP collaborated with the U.S. Department of Education to implement a “shadow” program with elementary, middle, and high school principals in the Washington, D.C., metro region. During the second week in October, more than a dozen schools will host senior U.S. Department of Education staff culminating in a briefing with U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan. This first-hand experience may help inform these leaders how federal policy can better support principals in their service to all students.

Principal Evaluation Report
Principals everywhere should also be celebrating the recently released NAESP/NASSP report, Rethinking Principal Evaluation: A New Paradigm Informed by Research and Practice, that presents a new framework for evaluating the performance of principals. Developed by the NAESP/NASSP Principal Evaluation Committee in partnership with Matt Clifford, senior scientist at the American Institutes for Research, and Steven Ross, professor of education at the Center for Research and Reform at Johns Hopkins University, the report was introduced September 13 at a joint NAESP/NASSP briefing on Capitol Hill. Download the full report and use it to inform your state and district-level conversations about redesigning or adapting principal evaluation systems.

We know that principals are not only the primary catalysts for creating lasting foundations for learning, but they also personally matter to each and every student that walks through the schoolhouse door. National Principals Month gives all of us the opportunity to stop and reflect on the incredibly important impact principals have on the children of our nation—let’s join together to say ” job well done” and ensure that principals receive the important recognition they deserve.