“We believe that collaboration across all sectors must begin at the school level. By working in partnership, school and after-school leaders can be strong advocates for greater collaboration locally, statewide, and nationally.”

--Leading a New Day for Learning: A Joint Statement from the National Association of Elementary School Principals and the National AfterSchool Association, 2009

Watch the After-School Mentors Matter video below

Hear Nelda Esmeralda, Director of Supplemental Services for the Desert Sands School District in southern California, discuss how principals, the school district and the state of California are working together with community-based organizations to provide out-of-school time learning opportunities for students across the district.

Listen to Paul Young, a former elementary school principal, National Aligning the Learning Day Trainer and Director of the West Afterschool Center in Lancaster, Ohio, as he talks about how to build and sustain partnerships between school day and afterschool leaders.

Building and Sustaining Partnerships: Resources

101 Tips for Creating Collaborative Relationships Between After-School Programs and School Leaders
Paul Young, director of an Ohio after-school program and a former elementary school principal, provides suggestions for building collaborations in 10 areas, including: tips for enhancing student learning, tips for supporting principal/program director collaboration, tips for advocating for after-school programming, and tips for supporting parent and community engagement. This resource is available for purchase here.

A Guide for Principals
This guide provides information on what principals can do to create successful collaborations with afterschool providers.

Collaborating with Principals in Afterschool Programs
This short publication outlines seven tips for building strong partnerships, forging links between school-day and afterschool programs, and facing challenges with mutual respect and support.

Connecting School and Afterschool: 15 Ways to Improve Partnerships
This PowerPoint presentation gives examples of ways in which principals and program directors can improve their partnerships.

Creating a Vision for Afterschool Partnerships
This tool is intended to help the growing number of new afterschool partnerships create a shared vision for their work. It contains information to educate partners on what a vision statement is and the purpose it serves; provides two alternative techniques for creating a vision; and includes a variety of considerations for planning teams as they finalize a vision statement.

Education and Community Building: Connecting Two Worlds
This report helps dedicated educators and community members understand and respect the assets and talents that each brings to the goal of improving student learning.

Growing Community Schools: The Role of Cross-Boundary Leadership
Leaders in our nation’s schools and communities are working together across the boundaries of education, government, and public, private and community-based agencies to create community schools. The 11 communities profiled in this report illustrate how cross-boundary leadership helps community schools move from pilot projects to large-scale, community-wide education reform strategies.

Leading After-School Learning Communities
This valuable guidebook, published by NAESP as part of our standards series for principals, includes standards, stories and tools for re-imagining the learning day to provide additional opportunities for students and to help them succeed.

Leading Change Beyond the Bell Promising Practices—Proven Strategies: Afterschool Programs Working for Pennsylvania’s Youth
This PowerPoint presentation outlines the importance of afterschool and highlights relevant research that demonstrates the value of afterschool for improved outcomes for youth. It calls for strong leadership and alignment between the school day and afterschool, and provides strategies and tools to support this collaboration.

Links to Learning Readiness Survey for Increasing Communication and Coordination Between Schools and Afterschool and Out-of-School Time Programs (ASOST Programs)
This tool, created by the National Institute on Out-of-School Time, is designed to help school and afterschool leaders assess their readiness and willingness to increase the connection between different parts of the learning day.

Making the Most of After-School Time
This NAESP report—designed for principals and out-of-school time leaders—includes ten in-depth case studies of exemplary school-based afterschool programs, and looks at the various roles principals play in helping to make them successful.

Creating Extended-Day Learning Building Collaborative Relationships between Principals and After-School Program Leaders PowerPoint
This PowerPoint provides research to drive conversations and action for creating collaborative relationships between principals and afterschool program leaders.

Sustainability In School-linked After-school Programs
In this report, Policy Studies Associates (PSA) examines strategies for sustaining school-linked after-school programs, in order to help practitioners, funders, and policy makers understand the challenges of sustaining these emerging programs.