Bruce A. Cannard
Edison Elementary School
Kennewick School District
Kennewick, Washington

Bruce A. CannardWith Bruce Cannard’s leadership, the staff of his high-poverty school has developed skills and a plan to effectively address the needs of students and their families. Cannard has been principal of Edison Elementary since 2006. The small-town school serves 510 Pre-K-5 students. Nearly three-quarters live in low-income households. Nearly half of the population also is of Hispanic background. Last year Cannard worked with teachers and parents to form an Action Team for Partnerships to increase parent involvement in his students’ schooling. With a comprehensive plan for building school partnerships with families and community resources, the team aims to boost academic achievement by creating a supportive climate at school and in students’ homes. As he spends two hours daily in classrooms or instructional meetings in his school, Cannard has promoted a sharp focus on instruction and learning. “When student achievement is in the forefront, discipline and attendant problems tend to recede,” he says. To advance the reading skills of all students, Cannard has led his staff to adopt an intervention program that responds to individual learners’ needs and progress. With support from his district, Cannard also has promoted a dual-language Spanish/English instructional program. Cannard previously served for a decade as principal of another elementary school in his district. He earned a B.S. from the University of Washington and an M.Ed. from Washington State University.