Brian M. Hull
Colin L. Powell Elementary School
Fairfax County Public Schools
Centreville, Virginia

Brian M. HullThree critical factors Brian Hull keeps in mind as an elementary school principal are “that rigor must exist within our instructional program, that high expectations must be held for me and for others, and that relationships are key for school improvement,” he says. In 2003, Hull opened Colin Powell Elementary in a new 36-classroom building. The suburban school, which now enrolls 973 Pre-K-6 students, serves a fast-growing, highly diverse community. Students’ families represent some 36 different cultures and speak 47 languages. During the past six years, Hull has successfully engaged this community in supporting a vibrant school climate for teaching and learning. In nearly 25 years as a principal, Hull has headed four schools in his county. In 2000, Hull created a district-level committee to support children transitioning from cancer treatments back into school environments. The collaboration of school system leaders, health-care professionals, and community resource personnel has resulted in a school re-entry protocol and an electronic network connecting sick children to their classrooms during extended absences. Beyond his school duties, Hull has served as a mentor to new principals in his district over the past decade. Five years ago, he also initiated a cohort mentoring program for schools in his area. His B.S. is from Westfield State College in Massachusetts, and his M.A. is from The George Washington University in Washington, D.C.