“A New Day for Learning,” a report released today by the Time, Learning, and Afterschool Task Force (TLA), calls for immediate action to design a comprehensive learning system throughout the day, early to late, and year round. The TLA Task Force was chaired by NAESP’s executive director, Vincent L. Ferrandino, who says that, “All stakeholders involved with the development of children—whether it is educational, emotional, physical, or creative—need to tear down the barriers we’ve imposed on ourselves and partner more effectively to create a new learning day for children.”

Based on extensive research and emerging policies and practices, the Task Force envisions a system rich with a variety of ways to learn and develop, anchored to high standards, and aligned to educational resources throughout a community.  “A New Day for Learning” can be downloaded at www.edutopia.org/anewdayforlearning.pdf.