My Two Cents: Energize Your Staff

In the latest installment of My Two Cents, Principal magazine asked principals to share one way they energize their staff at the beginning of the school year. Here's how some of you responded:

"I like to talk about our favorite memories from when we were students, and have veteran teachers remember their first classrooms and try to conjure up the excitement of that first experience. We talk about The First Days of School, by Harry Wong, set expectations, and review 'Love and Logic' techniques for classroom management. We try to welcome our new teachers into our school family by pairing them with a mentor or grade-level partner, and building their enthusiasm for their first experiences."
—Shelly Fuller (via facebook)

"We do scavenger hunts in town with local businesses that send the whole team to the local bowling alley for some afternoon fun. Or a ropes course for team building. Or 'Get Acquainted Bingo' with fun facts shared by staff members. We look at last year’s data and make some goals around it—but this is done best after some fun and bonding."
—Sonya Hemmen, Head of School, Ross Montessori Charter School, Glenwood Springs, Colorado

"We are planning on a breakfast and a welcome back BBQ luncheon for the staff.  Food always energizes the staff not matter what time of year."
—Kaivan Yuen, Principal, Jefferson Middle School, San Gabriel, California

"Send teachers a personal thank you card over the summer, thanking them for a great year and expressing appreciation for who they are."
Peter Carpenter (via Twitter)

"We're going for a staff hike!"
Scott Trauner (via Twitter)

"We do a team building activity as a staff. Usually a scavenger hunt in DC. Great fun!"
Andrew Davis (via Twitter)

"Back to School 'Blitz' -All staff blitz the neighborhood visiting kids communicate their excitement about the upcoming school year."
Keith Allshouse (via Twitter)

How do you energize your staff at the beginning of the year? Leave a comment below.

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