As the end of the school year draws near, we’d like to hear about what’s going through your mind. Here’s this month’s My Two Cents question from Principal magazine: What’s the most difficult part of closing out the school year and what do you most look forward to as the school year comes to an end?
Here’s what some of you have responded:
What I most look forward to as the school year comes to an end is seeing the growth of the students and the progress they have made throughout the year. And then, of course—summer vacation!
Tammy D. CondrenPrincipalMarion C. Early ElementaryMorrisville, Missouri
One of my two schools of which I am the principal is closing due to budget issues. The children whose school is closing are all coming to my other school, which is 10 minutes away. Therefore, I am looking forward to having all of my students together on one campus. The difficult part of closing will be not having a place for all of the outstanding teachers and staff who will be placed in other schools. Some staff will make little money and have a long drive from where they live. Tough times call for tough decisions and my heart goes out to all that are losing an integral part of their community.
Susan Summers PersisPrincipalW. F. Burns Oak Hill ElementaryIndian River ElementaryEdgewater and Oak Hill, Florida
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re: Countdown to Summer

I am not a principal but instead, I am currently wrapping up a NY/PA building leader administration certification.

There has been a lot of talk at the end of this school year about how districts squeaked by with stimulus money this year. Many seem to believe that the real pain will begin in two years, when that money goes away.

I am curious as to your response. Will the really tough times be at the beginning of summer '11?