What Is Arts-Infused Education? 

Historically, the arts have not been a priority in the American education landscape. Despite several research studies that have shown the powerful effect of how arts education positively impacts students and their achievements, arts education struggles to receive widespread support. Through the years, however, an increase in research on the concepts of "arts-infused" or "arts-integrated" education have helped educators understand how the arts can be integrated into the curriculum as a tool for teaching and the vehicle for learning.

NAESP's Focus

Principals are proudly committed to providing a well-rounded and complete education that enables each and every child to reach his or her fullest potential in every waysocially, emotionally, physically, and academically. Research makes it clear that arts-enhanced learning is a powerful pathway toward achieving this goal. NAESP's focus on arts in education will be demonstrated by increasing our resources for principals to facilitate arts-integration and alignment in schools, including after-school and in summer programs.

Here is information on innovation and arts-integration school grants to support arts-related school programs.