Principal Magazine Advertising Terms, Conditions, and Agreements

  1. Principal reserves the right to review and possibly reject any advertising.
  2. Advertisers and advertising agencies are jointly responsible for payment of all insertions unless otherwise agreed in writing. If payment cannot be collected from the agency for any reason, the advertiser will be held responsible.
  3. Principal does not guarantee a specific circulation or readership for an advertisement.
  4. A contract year is five consecutive issues.
  5. Advertisers with two or more divisions may group insertions for frequency discounts.
  6. Cancellations will not be accepted after the closing date for reservations and the scheduled insertion will be billed regardless of whether the ad actually is printed in the issue.
  7. New materials are due at least 30 days prior to the issue date or the publisher has permission to pick up the ad used in the previous issue.
  8. Requested positions are not guaranteed unless a special position premium has been paid or agreed to in writing.
  9. The advertiser and agency assume liability for all content, including text and illustrations of advertising published, and also assume responsibility for any claims made against Principal and/or NAESP, including the cost associated with defending such a claim.
  10. All advertising copy that might be mistaken for an article, commentary, or other non-advertising material must be clearly marked “advertisement.”
  11. Principal shall be under no liability for failure for any reason to insert an ad.
  12. Any revision or special handling required for advertising materials will be billed to the advertiser and Principal shall be under no liability for accuracy of changes requested.
  13. Principal does not assume liability for the return of advertising material.
  14. Rates are based on acceptable digital files.
  15. Agency commission of 15 percent of gross billing is allowed to recognized agencies on space, color, and position charges. Production and mechanical charges, including insert fees, are noncommissionable. E-newsletter ads from ad agencies are also noncommisionable.
  16. Advertisers or their designated agencies will be invoiced on publication and sent two tear sheets along with a checking copy.
  17. Payment is due within 30 business days of the invoice date. No early or pre-payment discount may be applied.
  18. Advertisers who do not keep accounts up to date might be prohibited from advertising or required to pre-pay.