Arts Education for the Whole Child
January/February 2009 Table of Contents

Using Interdisciplinary Arts Education to Enhance Learning
Maureen Reilly Lorimer
Infusing visual and performing arts into the curriculum adds critical components to educating the whole child.
Arts Education and the Whole Child
Hal Nelson
High-quality arts programs can contribute to the intellectual, physical, and emotional well-being of children.
A School Revitalized Through the Arts
Roma Morris
Here’s how to make the transition to an arts-integrated curriculum.
Masterpieces in the Hallways
Philip Downs and Erin Patton-McFarren
Decorating school walls with great art can impact the entire curriculum.
Hot Topic:
Scripted Reading Programs: Fishing for Success
Deborah Duncan-Owens
Principals should weigh the claims of commercial reading programs against the needs of their students and the realities of how teachers use them.
Research Report:
Using Curriculum-Based Measurement to Improve Achievement
Suzanne Clarke
A data-driven method provides the most reliable indicator of student progress in basic academic areas.
Billy Jenkins
Instructional leadership requires principals to free themselves of bureaucratic tasks and focus their efforts on improving teaching and learning.
Improving the Evaluation and Feedback Process for Principals
Bobby Moore
The 360-degree feedback model, taken from the business world, gives principals a multi-lens view of their performance.
From the Editors
Integrating the Arts Develops the Whole Child
Vanessa St. Gerard and Kaylen Tucker
Parents & Schools
Using the Right Communication Tool
John H. Wherry
It’s the Law
High-Tech High Jinks: An Update
Perry A. Zirkel
Arts Education for Goodness Sake!
Gail Connelly
Practitioner’s Corner
How to Write an Effective Newsletter Column
Peggy Scott
Involving Staff in Teacher Hiring
Kathleen Sciarappa and Bruce Blau
Principal’s Bookshelf
Leadership That Makes a Difference: Revitalizing Middle Schools
by Sally N. Clark and Donald C. Clark
Reviewed by LaQuanda Brown
A Reflective Planning Journal for School Leaders: With Insights and Tips from Award-Winning Principals
by Olaf Jorgenson
Reviewed by Melissa D. Patschke
The Reflective Principal
The Rubik’s Cube of School Leadership
Steven M. Garcia
Ten to Teen
Counseling in Middle Schools: What Students Expect
Cheryl Moore-Thomas
Speaking Out
College Readiness for All: What’s the Alternative?
Damen Lopez

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