Principals know that their jobs are made easier if they have strong support and guidance from their district superintendents.

If you are a principal who has enjoyed such support from your superintendent, take a moment to honor and thank that person through the NAESP Leadership for Learning Award.

General Program Information

The Leading for Learning Award is designed to give principals a chance to recognize outstanding superintendents. This award can be presented at the time and place you find most fitting: an administrators meeting or faculty meeting, a School Board meeting, a state administrators' conference, or a school event such as a concert or student awards presentation.

Selection Criteria

Using the following categories as guidelines, identify the professional practices and accomplishments that you feel qualify your superintendent nominee to receive this award.

In order for your superintendent nominee to be eligible for NAESP's Leadership for Learning award, he/she needs to meet a minimum of eight of the following criteria:

  • Purposeful Leadership — The nominated superintendent articulates and instills in others a strong sense of purpose. His/her leadership elevates the status of the district's schools and leads toward the fulfillment of the district's mission.

  • Interpersonal Skills— The nominated superintendent demonstrates exceptional interpersonal skills.

  • Instructional Leadership— The nominated superintendent places the highest priority on exemplary instructional practices.

  • Resource Development and Management — The nominated superintendent recognizes both the human and the material resources necessary to support an outstanding school program and ensures that principals have the fiscal resources necessary to effectively and efficiently perform.

  • Support of Individual Principal's Membership in NAESP and State and Local Associations — The nominated superintendent supports active membership in NAESP and state and local professional associations including encouraging principals' attendance at national and state conferences.

  • Support of Individual Principals in Leadership Positions — The nominated superintendent supports principals assuming leadership roles in their respective national and state associations.

  • Membership in NAESP — The nominated superintendent is himself/herself a member of NAESP.

  • Local, State, or National Recognition — The nominated superintendent has received recognition at the local, state, or national level relevant to his/her professional, civic, or community leadership.

  • Professional Development — The nominated superintendent supports and encourages the professional development, initiative, and personal motivation of his/her building-level principals.

  • Organizational Management — The nominated superintendent promotes and maintains a positive, productive climate for principals.

  • School and Community Relations — The nominated superintendent demonstrates exemplary leadership in school and community relations.

To Recognize Your Superintendent

First, download the nomination form and e-mail or mail it to NAESP.
After you have sent the form to NAESP headquarters, download the certificate and fill it out with your superintendent's information. Present the Leading for Learning Award at a time you deem appropriate.

For More Information

Questions? Contact NAESP Member Services at