We recognize that principals love what they do and enjoy the many opportunities to share in the learning journeys of the children in their schools. In celebration of all the moments, all the stories, and all the celebrations that happen every day in the schools across this nation NAESP will highlight these memories throughout October. The Proud to Be a Principal Spotlight is an opportunity for principals to document these memories by submitting their stories for recognition during National Principals Month. Each week in October, NAESP will select one principal’s submission to be featured on NAESP’s website. Please take the time to submit a brief vignette. Principals submitting the selected entries will receive a gift box to share with the entire school staff.


Featured Principal of the Week

Featured Principal: Angela Chervenak, principal of Main Elementary, Kodiak, Alaska

"My career in education was inspired by a very important teacher I had during my school years: my band director. Over many years, he inspired multitudes of young musicians in a rural Washington school district to believe in themselves, to set goals, and to practice diligently to achieve those goals. His career path moved him from band director in a small town to a career as a successful school district administrator. My path is somewhat reflective of my mentor's. As I entered my eighteenth year as a band director and an English teacher, I began to wonder how I could more fully impact kids and their lives, and how I could grow professionally. I was encouraged to look into administration. In 2011, I completed a master’s degree in Educational Leadership.

I am blessed to be beginning my first year as an elementary principal at a dynamic school filled with skilled, enthusiastic teachers and a high percentage of English-language learners. Our students love to learn. Visual art, math and science, and robotics projects fill the halls and classrooms. Each day, whether I'm in a kindergarten class or a fifth grade class, I am greeted by smiling faces, hugs, reports of reading gains, and an excitement for learning mathematics and more. We have gardeners, student government leaders, actors, dancers, and singers, all growing and experiencing successes and challenges.

As I cross the threshold of our beautiful school, I smile and say quick prayer asking for wisdom. I hope that I, too, can one day inspire someone to follow this path and continue to breathe life and the love of learning into the next generation of learners. I love my job."