We recognize that principals love what they do and enjoy the many opportunities to share in the learning journeys of the children in their schools. In celebration of all the moments, all the stories, and all the celebrations that happen every day in the schools across this nation NAESP will highlight these memories throughout October. The Proud to Be a Principal Spotlight is an opportunity for principals to document these memories by submitting their stories for recognition during National Principals Month. Each week in October, NAESP will select one principal’s submission to be featured on NAESP’s website. Please take the time to submit a brief vignette. Principals submitting the selected entries will receive a gift box to share with the entire school staff.


Featured Principal of the Week

Why I'm Proud to Be a Principal

Week #1:

Jon Millerhagen
Principal of Washburn Elementary
Bloomington, Minnesota



Week #2:

Lynn Kahler
Principal of Sagewood Elementary School
Casper, Wyoming



Week #3:

Gary Massey
Principal of Mary Esther Elementary
Mary Esther, Florida