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Building Leadership and Data Teams: Using Data to Close the Achievement Gap

In this segment you will learn how effective data teams need to be built, fostered, and empowered. Leadership teams train teachers in the use of data. Professional development is centered around study groups. Data teams study individual test items and individual student data is examined several times a year. Learn how Principals can support the study of data and follow through with change.

Talking About Data: Using Data to Close the Achievement Gap

In this segment you will gain an understanding of how the careful study of data will reveal what children have learned, and where and why there are learning gaps. Talking about data is the first step to close the achievement gap. Learn the four ways of conversing about: raw debate, polite discussion, skillful discussion, and dialogue. Examples of guiding questions to create dialogue and give focus are shown. Learn how to use qualitative approaches including interviews and focus groups, observations, archives and documents, and journals and diaries. Watch middle school English students at Tito Puente use a Venn diagram to compare and contrast gangs and clubs.

Examining Outcomes: Using Data to Close the Achievement Gap

In this segment, teams examine outcomes after learning how to dialogue. Public School #102 in East Harlem, New York, turned to a deep examination of outcome data to begin turning around student achievement. GESA, or Generating Expectations Through Student Achievement, addresses equity issues in the classroom through a process of peer observation and review. Learn how to examine outcomes looking at the big picture and look at outcome data from standardized test scores.

Examine All Aspects of School: Using Data to Close the Achievement Gap

In this segment, learn how to assess policies, practices, programs, interventions, and school culture by looking at different sources of data. Schools will extend data's reach as they move deeper into the use of data to close the achievement gap. Existing school documents provide rich sources of information that can tell compelling stories about equitable and inequitable policies and practices. Learn how to use school indicators to answer critical questions.



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