About the Panel

The National Panel of New Principals is the only initiative of its kind that is dedicated to principals in the first or second year of their principalship. By participating, new principals will contribute to a dynamic knowledge base about what it’s really like to be a new principal today. And they’ll gain insights into how their experience as a new principal compares to their peers both within their state and throughout the nation.

Who Qualifies

• Participants must be first- or second-year principals.
• They must be thoughtful and articulate.
• NAESP members and non-members are welcome.

How New Principals Join the Panel

Go to the website listed below and fill out the brief enrollment form. It’s that easy! Enrollments are accepted year-round.

Here’s How It Works

New principals are encouraged to enroll online at the website listed below. Participants remain on the panel until the end of the second year of their principalship.

Each month, participants are invited via email to answer a few brief questions. The total time commitment per month is less than 10 minutes.

What Participants Get

Each time a principal participates, he or she receives a $10 gift certificate to shop in the National Principal Resource Center. Non-members also earn a free NAESP membership by responding for at least six months. Plus, we’ll send participants a monthly summary of their peers’ best thinking on the topic of the preceding month!



Administrators – Please be sure to share this opportunity with new principals to ensure that your district and state are well represented.


Email Ann Henley at ahenley@naesp.org.To enroll, visit https://www.research.net/s/newprincipalpanel